30 Oct 2015

The Reason visiting a Desert should be on everyones bucket list

Hey everyone!

Today I want to show you my pictures from the day we went on a Desert Safari in Qatar!
It was an amazing experience which I would love to repeat anytime.
It was my first time being in a desert and I really liked it, the sand is so soft & clean but really hot... and the best of course is the view!!! It's funny how this huge amount of sand creates something so beautiful?!?
I bought this dress right before leaving to Doha, because of it's color, right away I knew I had to wear this the day we visited the desert, and it was really worth it...

What I wore:
Dress - Asos


27 Oct 2015

Fall 2015 Bag Wishlist

Hey everyone!
You've probably all noticed how popular the Chloe Faye bag from this years collection has become, especially within blogger circles.
I've wanted one myself since the day I first saw it :) This one I'm showing you here is the Chestnut Cream model which I found on this site.
The second bag I've fallen in love with is the Chloe Drew Bag, I like this one because of it's shape, which reminds me a lot of this years 70's look and size, it's the perfect bag to use for a regular day with enough space for your money, phone, make-up and other small every day necessities. This bag could also easily transition into your evening wardrobe, because who does not love having a cute little bag as a companion on a night out?
I found this Drew Bag photo here.
As for me, I'm going to be looking for look alikes of these dream bags until I find one that is at least half it's price and charming :)
(-->I've already found some really cool Chloe Drew look alikes on Top Shop and Asos Nr. 1 & Nr. 2 )

26 Oct 2015

One Thousand and One Nights

Hi everyone!

Those of you who follow my Instagram Account (maria_b_t) might know that I recently was in Doha, Qatar.
It was my first time visiting the Middle East and I really loved it!
Today I want to show you my first Outfit which I wore on the first day.
We went to the Souk which is a typical Market where they sell literally everything typical 
- food, clothes, carpets, animals (there is even a separated falcon souk), jewellery -
The city itself is very modern and new, which makes the skyline look amazing :)

I found it a little difficult to decide what I should wear while being in Doha, but in the end I decided to wear Maxi Dresses (this one I had to borrow from my Mom) which was the best decision I could have made! First out of respect to the Religion and Traditions in Qatar, secondly because of being all covered up I did not get sun burned and what surprised me the most was that I felt fresh all the time even though it was 37 °C !!! I have never been a huge Maxi dress/skirt fan but after this experience I've learned to somehow love them :)

 What I was wearing:
Dress - Zara
Bag - Chanel 
Shoes - Julio
Bracelets - &otherStories
Armlet - bought in Athens ;)


19 Oct 2015

Skort obsession

Hey Everyone!

Today I want to talk about skorts or shorts/skirts... whatever you like to call them...
I love skirts especially because the make your outfit look elegant and sweet at the sam time but I guess every girl knows the struggle of wearing skirts whether you feel uncomfortable because it might be too short or you fear having a Marilyn Monroe moment.
That's why I love my skort (?!?) so much, you have a skirt in the front but shorts in the back so you don't need to worry about it sliding up... 
Another advantage is that you can wear skorts to almost any occasion, it can look very polished and sophisticated and depending on the shoes or tops you combine it with you might add an edgy or relaxed tone to your outfit.

Top - Ralph Lauren
Skort - Zara
Shoes - Julio
Bag - Cowboybag


17 Oct 2015

Athens Part III

Hi everyone!

Here you see the pictures I took on our third day in Athens, we visited the Agora and had lunch in a lovely restaurant in Plaka, which is the old part of Athens. 
I already miss it so much, especially the weather, compared to the rain here in Hamburg...
While going threw my photos I noticed that I almost wore blue and white everyday... it wasn't on purpose but I guess it fits into the location, for me those are the colours I associate with Greece...

Top - Zara
Shorts/ Skirt - Zara
Shoes - Julio 
Bag - Maje
Bracelet - bought in Athens