28 Sep 2015

wild seventies

Have you been asking yourself lately how you could transition you newly purchased 70's style wardrobe into fall?
Here comes the answer for your prayers!!! Everything you have to do is changing a few items and your summer outfit will turn into fall appropriate attire.
First thing you have to do is to choose a pair of 70's inspired boots and a hat.
Then you need a dress that is a bit thicker than your summer 70's dress. The perfect accessoir to is a pair of oversized sunglasses. I chose this leoprint dress  to show off the "wild" side of the seventies.
If you want to cover up a bit more you could add a leather vest with fringe elements or a suede jacket.

Dress - &otherStories
Bag - Patrizia Pepe
Boots - Massimo Dutti
Sunglasses - Versace


26 Sep 2015

DIY top out of a silk scarf

Hi everyone!

Today I want to share a very simple and stylish DIY, and the only thing you need is a big silk scarf!
You might have noticed that I've been crushing scarves lately, I think they just give your outfit a fun twist... And what better way to show off your scarves as an ultra cool top, which you can create in only two steps!!!
1. First you take the two upper corners of your scarf and make a knot in the back of your neck
2. Then you make another knot in the lower area of your back with the other two scarf ends
and done!!!


25 Sep 2015

Natural Habitat

Hi everyone!

Today's post is a bit different from my usual (fashion) posts but I just have to show you parts of the beautiful Nature in Norway!
In winter you can go skiing as you might already know, and in summer / fall you can hike in the woods, there you'll find a huge bunch of berries ....
Haha I love walking in Norwegian woods, seeing the nature, drinking fresh water... it's just the best!!!
BTW I took all these photos with my phone! I was really surprised by the great quality...
I'm planning on doing a fashion DIY?!?! Curious? Then don't miss my post tomorrow evening :) 

Have a nice weekend!

21 Sep 2015

20 Sep 2015

Golden leaves

Hey everyone !

Guess where I am? Those of you who follow me on Instagram (Maria_b_t) might already know it... I'm in Norway !!!!!
Just for the weekend but still it has been so nice :)
Unfortunately I have a biology exam on Monday, so I had to study a lot yesterday... 

Jacket - GAMP
scarf - Frey Wille
Sweater - United colours of Benetton 
Trousers - H&M


16 Sep 2015

Nude magique

Hey everyone!

I don't know about you but school has been kind of stressful lately...
But only two more weeks then it's one full month of free time (including my last class trip...)!!!
Today I decided to cover up my neck a bit because I've caught a cold... but you don't necessarily have to be sick to wear a silk scarf around your neck :) it looks stylish and will keep you warm during these grey fall days!

What I'm wearing:
Scarf - Frey Wille
Sweater - United Colors of Benetton 
Jeans - Mango
Slip Ons - Massimo Dutti
Bag (My mom's) - Bottega Veneta