6 Jul 2015

Derby 2015

Hey there!

Yesterday I went to the Derby which is a horse race repeated every year here in Hamburg.
What I love most is that almost all the women tend to use a hat and there is a hat competition! 
You see women with big hats, small hats, black hats, colorful hats...
I don't own a proper one so this beach hat combined with a silk scarf had to do :)

I think you should opt for a rather simple dress because of the hat or hair band you'll be wearing, so pastel tones or black and white should be the ones you choose from!


And of course don't forget to enjoy what you actually came for, the horses! 
In my opinion there is not an animal more beautiful or elegant than a horse...
What do you think?
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Dress - Julio
Shoes - Julio
Watch - Daniel Wellington

Have a nice week 

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