29 Jul 2015

Denim skirt of the year

Hey everyone!

Denim is the most wanted and spread fabric all over the world, everyone knows what it is and almost everyone has at least one clothing article made of denim.
This summer denim dresses and skirts are the best choice you can make! 
There are many different types you can choose between, as for example the A-line skirt, like the one I'm wearing. This one is very elegant and should be combined with a simple blouse and bag.
If you want something more sophisticated and grown up choose the denim pencil skirt.

This location is called Real del Monte, it's Mexico's number 1 silver manufacturer and the first place they played football in Mexico.
You might also know it because Prince Charles and Camilla visited it last year.
I like this place very much, especially because of the colourful houses and because it's the hometown of delicious pastes, they are like pasties from the UK only that they are filled with potatoes/pineapple/blackbeans...  

Blouse - H&M
Skirt - Zara
Shoes - Calvin Klein
Bracelet - Bijou Brigitte


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