3 Jul 2015

A few of my favourite things

Hey everyone!

This week has been really great! It's warm outside, school's almost over and it's my birthday in about two weeks !!
Today I want to share a few of my favorite things with you!
Here you see my perfume COCO Mademoiselle, it smells very floral, elegant and fresh! Just the way young Coco Chanel was!
My favorite nailpolish is this one from Yves Saint Laurent, unfortunately they don't make it anymore, it's a shame because I LOVE the color.

This is what my desk looks like these days! I've spent a lot of time outside lately so I had to work outside aswell!

You've probably noticed these flowers appearing now and then in this post, that's because peonies are the most beautiful flowers to me! I love them!!!

Currently I'm reading 'The Notebook', I love the book, I have already watched the movie but I can't tell which one I like more...
And my favorite magazine, 'In Style' :)
It's just the perfect mix of fashion, beauty & lifestyle.

I hope you liked this post!
Have a nice weekend

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