11 Jul 2015

5 Reasons why you should have a trench coat

I. Trench coats are one of the essential parts of every girls wardrobe!

II. They instantly turn your outfit from boring/simple to a feminin and
 modern one

III. One of this spring/summer's must have was a sleeveless coat      

                        IV. A classical trench coat is not only stylish but it also protects you from rain because of it's origins as a officer's raincoat from 1901

                      V. If you've seen "Breakfast at Tiffany's" I guess I don't have to say more... You just HAVE to own one :)

What I am wearing:
Coat - Burberry
Blouse - Zara
Jeans - Aeropostale
Boots - Zara
Bag - Michel Domit

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