8 Jun 2015

Why every girl needs a boyfriend jeans

Hey everyone!

Have you noticed that everyday more and more girls/women wear loose fitted jeans, instead of skinny jeans?         
After reading an article on whowhatwear I started to actually notice HOW popular they are!!!
There are a lot of different types of loose fitted jeans you can choose from to follow this "trend"
Boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, flared jeans, culottes...                      

I own one pair of boyfriend jeans and I am still looking for the perfect pair of mom jeans!!!
And YES I do think EVERY girl should own at least one pair of loose jeans, also if you don't have a boyfriend ... not only because they are SUPER comfortable, but also because they create a very casual and relaxed everyday look.
They are a perfect alternative for the "boring" skinny jeans everyone has.
But even though I love this style and it's a MUST FOLLOW TREND I think you should not overdo it.... So the best solution is to meet halfway and to wear both skinny and loose jeans.

What do you think?

What I was wearing:
Shirt ~ Zara
Jeans ~ Mango 
Shoeas ~ Zara
Knit ~ Andrew James 

Have a nice week

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