17 Jun 2015

Go Green

Green is a word we use a lot in our everyday language lately, everything is supposed to be clean and green.
Our energy, food, cosmetics...
But what does green actually mean? In my opinion it means unprocessed and natural.
It's important for us to care about our planet and the future of it, we might not notice any differences now but our children and grandchildren certainly will. So maybe it's difficult to start changing the world from one day to another but we could start with small steps.
It's the same thing with the body. If you start taking care of it today you won't notice any differences tomorrow, maybe not even in 3 weeks but step by step you will feel better.
If you ask me that's the big deal behind all this 'green/clean eating' that's been trending lately, it's not just about to stop eating and drinking smoothies, but it's about consuming unprocessed food, going back to the roots, the nature....

I hope you all have a nice week!!
Right now I'm writing todays post and after that I'm going to get changed and then go to my friends house to celebrate her birthday :)


What I was wearing:
Blouse - Zara
Shorts - 
Shoes - 
Bag - Patrizia Pepe

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