29 Jun 2015

Summer is just around the corner

Hey there!

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, here you can see what I wore yesterday!
Today I wentt to school, but I only had two hours so I went back home at 11.30 and spent the entire day in the garden!!!
It was really nice and I had the chance to take some photos you'll see them very soon.
I love summer! Everyone is happy, you can eat ice cream (everyday), you get to spend a lot more of time outside and what I especially like : SUMMER HOLIDAY!!!
Today I realized that it's only two weeks until mine start!!! 

Shirt - Mango
Shorts - &other Stories
Bag - Patrizia Pepe
Shoes - My Mom's :)

Have a nice week

28 Jun 2015

Into the woods

Hey everyone!

I think everyone knows that feeling, it's summer and supposed to be at least 22°C... but if you live in Germany like me you know that the weather changes every second... Today it was actually really nice but I still had to post this outfit from last week, so you'll see what I wore today in tomorrows post!

I always think that it's more difficult to pick out an outfit on days like these... 
Normally I stick to navy blue or grey... 

Shirt - &otherStories
Jeans - Hollister
Bag - Maje
Boots - Baldinini

See you tomorrow!

BTW you have to visit this Blog http://liisaslovelyworld.blogspot.de

22 Jun 2015

Summer Nights - Collaboration

Hey everyone!
Todays post is my first collaboration!
It' with the sweet Lara from Ireland 
We decided that the post should be about a summer night out.

 I would wear this outfit for a party outside for example a grill party in the backyard.
In summer I tend to use bright and lighter colors than in winter, so I would opt for a colorful or white dress like this one!
The feather purse sets a fun detail to the simple outfit.
I chose this sandals because they make the outfit look more relaxed, so if it's a more formal party you are going to attend, you should probably wear something more like the classic Jimmy Choo pint-toe pump.

Now head over to http://www.alaramode.co.vu
and find out what she would wear on a summer night out !


19 Jun 2015


Hey everyone!
Todays post is about what you should treat yourself with this summer!
As already mentioned in my last post I think gladiator sandals should be in every girls closet this year. You could wear them with a nice summer dress or with denim shorts.
This triangl bikini is my absolute favorite, not only the design but also the color. When you wear a white bikini you look even more tanned than you actually are, so that's an important thing to remember when choosing your bikini.
The beige leather skirt in combination with the sweater creates a very relaxed but also polished and stylish outfit.
So what are your summer MUST HAVES ?
Have a nice weekend

1. "Valentino Gladiator Sandals"
2. "Triangl Bikini"
3. "Leather skirt"

17 Jun 2015

Go Green

Green is a word we use a lot in our everyday language lately, everything is supposed to be clean and green.
Our energy, food, cosmetics...
But what does green actually mean? In my opinion it means unprocessed and natural.
It's important for us to care about our planet and the future of it, we might not notice any differences now but our children and grandchildren certainly will. So maybe it's difficult to start changing the world from one day to another but we could start with small steps.
It's the same thing with the body. If you start taking care of it today you won't notice any differences tomorrow, maybe not even in 3 weeks but step by step you will feel better.
If you ask me that's the big deal behind all this 'green/clean eating' that's been trending lately, it's not just about to stop eating and drinking smoothies, but it's about consuming unprocessed food, going back to the roots, the nature....

I hope you all have a nice week!!
Right now I'm writing todays post and after that I'm going to get changed and then go to my friends house to celebrate her birthday :)


What I was wearing:
Blouse - Zara
Shorts - 
Shoes - 
Bag - Patrizia Pepe

15 Jun 2015

Roman Holiday

Hey everyone!

Today's post is about this seasons IT PIECES: Roman Sandals and Flash Tatoos 
These shoes are a must have this summer!!
Unfortunately I don not own my dream gladiator sandals yet (Aphrodite by Valentino) but I think these will do for now... :)
My mom bought them about two years ago at the Concept store Apropos in Düsseldorf!

Dress - Julio
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Sandals - Mystique
Bag - Maje

12 Jun 2015

EVERYDAY we wear pink

Hey everyone!

My last exams are over and summer holidays are getting closer!

I'm really happy about the weather right now, I just LOVE summer!!!
And I get to wear this pink neon neoprene skirt!!
It feels like a diving suit :)

I think Neoprene is this summers MUST HAVE fabric that you have to include to your summer wardrobe.

Shirt - Zara
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Zara
Phone Cover - Bershka


8 Jun 2015

Why every girl needs a boyfriend jeans

Hey everyone!

Have you noticed that everyday more and more girls/women wear loose fitted jeans, instead of skinny jeans?         
After reading an article on whowhatwear I started to actually notice HOW popular they are!!!
There are a lot of different types of loose fitted jeans you can choose from to follow this "trend"
Boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, flared jeans, culottes...                      

I own one pair of boyfriend jeans and I am still looking for the perfect pair of mom jeans!!!
And YES I do think EVERY girl should own at least one pair of loose jeans, also if you don't have a boyfriend ... not only because they are SUPER comfortable, but also because they create a very casual and relaxed everyday look.
They are a perfect alternative for the "boring" skinny jeans everyone has.
But even though I love this style and it's a MUST FOLLOW TREND I think you should not overdo it.... So the best solution is to meet halfway and to wear both skinny and loose jeans.

What do you think?

What I was wearing:
Shirt ~ Zara
Jeans ~ Mango 
Shoeas ~ Zara
Knit ~ Andrew James 

Have a nice week