25 May 2015


Hey everyone!
Today's post is going to be a bit different from my other posts.... It's all going to be about food :)
Normally I try to eat healthy, of course that does not always work out but today I will show you an entire meal plan for one day.

For breakfast I usually have a green smoothie but sometimes I like to have
 to vary a bit. 
To prepare this you have to let one tablespoon of chia seeds soak in a little bit of water until you have chia pudding, then you place the chia pudding, 3 tablespoons of greek yoghurt, cinnamon and 2 teaspoons of flax seeds into a bowl and mix it.
Then all you have to do is to choose any fruit you like which will be the topping for your yoghurt.

23 May 2015

Weekend Mood

Hey everyone!!!
I've been REALLY busy with school lately which is why I wasn't able to post anything... 
but now my exams are over and I'm ready to keep blogging!

After this very exhausting week I'm soooo ready for the weekend 

What I was wearing:
Knit - Zara
Dress - Vintage
Boots - 
Bag - Patrizia Pepe

Have a nice weekend

12 May 2015

Cactus Bag

This pink little cactus bag is from mexico and very typical !
I love the strong colors, especially the pink :)

What I'm wearing
silver shirt - Julio
Denim Jacket - Zara
               Jeans - Aeropostale
Wedges - Julio

5 May 2015

Floral explosion

What I was wearing:
Coat - Zara                                                                                         
                                                      Turtleneck Shirt - Ralph Lauren
                                                      Boyfriend Jeans - Mango
                                                                         Bag - Sefora
                                                                  Bracelet - &otherStories
                                                                     Watch - Daniel Wellington

3 May 2015

About bomber jackets and fringe bags

I know it's late but I promised to post something today...
Bomber jackets AND fringe bags have been hyped a lot lately!

 so why not mix both of them into one outfit...

Both are a kind of classic, bomber jackets or flight jackets were originally created for pilots, especially those flying during WWI and II because of the light but still warming garment.

My bomber is anything but new, it's from H&M and I can not remember buying it, I didn't really like/use it but when I saw this trend coming up immediately thought of it :)

Jacket  - H&M
           Blouse - Calvin Klein
          Jeans   - Aeropostale
  Boots - Bronx
  Bag   - Maje

Have a nice week

2 May 2015

Country escape


I'm so sorry for not posting anything lately but I've been really busy...
But as a reward I'll make a weekend special...I will post something today AND tomorrow! 

Today I went to a nearby place called Stade.
It's a very sweet old hanseatic "city" close to Hamburg.

I won't tell any details about this outfit because there will be more about it tomorrow!

I hope you liked this short post :)
See you tomorrow