13 Apr 2015

About my new Camera AND first spring days

Yesterday I bought myself a Canon EOS 1200D 

Of course I HAD TO try it today and what better occasion is there to post my FIRST post with camera photos haha... I'm so happy that the quality of the photos is going to improve a lot! 

Oversized Coat - COS
Shirt - Mango
Leather pants - H&M
Leo print Ballerinas - Hallhuber

A very artsy shot from my Alarm clock :)

Have a nice week

12 Apr 2015

The City of 100 Spires ~ Prague II

As promised here is Part two from my Prague series!!!

This was my first time in Prague and i LOVED it! The city is so beautiful and full of culture!
Every single building is decorated with ornaments or saints. 

Coat - Allsaints
Jeans - Allsaints
Turtleneck - Uniqlo
Cropped Shirt - Zara
Bag - Maje

I've been at home this whole week because I was sick... But now I feel much better! And yesterday I even went to the city and bought myself something I've been saving up to for a lounge time now! 
Can you guess what it is?.... A CAMERA!?!?
I'll tell you more about it in my next post ;)

9 Apr 2015

The City of 100 Spires ~ Prague

You remember that I told you about going somewhere in my last post? 
Well thank's to the easter bunny my family and I got to spend two days in Prague?!?!


3 Apr 2015

Last winter days Part II

Here is Part two of my last winter series!


This day it was so warm outside, that you actually didn't need any jacket.
And as you can see the sun was quite strong so it was a bit difficult to keep my eyes open...

This hat is a real antique!!!
 It's my grandma's old hat which I was allowed to wear on this beautiful day :)

 Last weekend was great it was very nice to spend time with my Norwegian family!
And now it's easter weekend! YAAAAY!!
Here in Hamburg we only get Friday and Monday off but guess where I'm going...??
I'll tell you in my next post :) which will come on Saturday or Sunday... 


Jacket - GAMP
Blouse - ZARA
Leather Pants - H&M
Hat - My grandma's