31 Mar 2015

Last winter days Part I

I spent this weekend with my family in Norway! 
This photo series is probably going to be the last winter post for this season : )

We spent the first day skiing and the second one we celebrated my mom's birthday!!!
And today , the third day, we flew back home, so it's back to school tomorrow...

I hope you all had a nice weekend

Sweater - &OtherStories 
Blouse   - Mango
Leather Pants - H&M
Shoes - UGG's (dark brown)
Necklace - Tiffany & Co.

12 Mar 2015


I love skiing and the weather has been great, you could even say it's to good because the snow is starting to melt...

8 Mar 2015

5 seconds of Summer

As promised here is my Mexico post! I only stayed there until Tuesday...
Right now I'm in Norway?!?! So the next post will be all about skiing and snow.

It was so great to be in the sun again after so many months of grey weather, I even did get a light tan :)

I'm so sad that I couldn't stay longer but at least it's only a few months until my next visit!

You might already have noticed that all the older posts are back again, I did add some new photos here and there but it's back! I'm so sorry that it took me so long to get everything back to place.

Have a nice weekend

1 Mar 2015

Mexico here I come!!!

Long time no see! These last weeks have been very busy and I've started to fix the blog... I'm not finished yet but ALMOST!!! It will be ok in a few days! My holidays just started and right now I'M ON MY WAY TO MEXICO!! I'm really exited about that

This is what I'm wearing right now:
Leather pants -H&M
Blouse -Massimo Dutti

Todays post is rather short but I promise that I will post more when I'm in mexico XXX