17 Nov 2014

Christmas mood on!!!

Hi there!
I don't know why but even though it's mid November I'm already in Christmas mood. Last year I didn't feel that way until two days before Christmas... But I actually like this time of year, all the cakes and cookies , the time you spend with family and friends and then of course Christmas Eve!

I didn't do that much this weekend exept for studying and going to a Christmas market! It was in the Norwegian church. What I enjoyed the most was all the typical Norwegian food you could buy there!!! 

My outfit:
 trousers : allsaints, shirt : Zara, blazer : Santacroce Firenze , boots : oii
Today I stayed home from School because I didn't feel so well. But I feel better now which is really important because it's one of my best friends birthday tomorrow!!! 

6 Nov 2014

The traveler IV

We walked along river Thames afterwards until we reached borough marked. I did not take any pictures there but it was amazing to see all the food you can buy there! I had a delicious fresh juice ;)
After that we took the bus to Covent garden!

I got these trousers at allsaints one day before in notting hill! My coat is from there too and the blouse from Zara.

Happy girl with macarons!!! Haha we had tea and cake after watching a great show at covent garden! Then we just walked around until we came to the Big Ben.

I felt this just had to be done ... I had such a great time in London, I just can't discribe how much I love it! I don't know if it's the people or just the city itself, I wish I could go there more often... 
I hope you liked this travel series if you did there will be more of them in the future!