25 Oct 2014

The traveler part I

These last two weeks have been amazing! 
First I went to Norway to visit my family and to celebrate my grand parents golden wedding anniversary. It was so fun to spend time with my Norwegian family again. I unfortunately didn't get to make that many pictures in Norway 

My Cousin and me made this cake for our grandparents! 
After one week in Norway I flew to London with my parents! 
I love London so much and hope that I'll visit it a lot more in the future. 
I took many many photos in London but I don't want to overload you with photos today!!! So I'm going to be posting them bit by bit in the following days! I hope you enjoy it!
Day I

We arrived very early, and went directly to the British museum after dropping our luggage at the hotel. I had already been there before so we didn't see EVERYTHING which I think is impossible to do in one day. 

I will post part 2 of day I tomorrow ;) promise!!! Wish you all a relaxed and nice Sunday.

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