30 Oct 2014

The traveler III

Here comes part 3:
On my second day in London I went jogging in the morning in Hyde park!!! It's really nice to have that huge spot of nature in the middle of a city like London! You can even go horse riding there!!!

Afterwards we walked around in the city of Westminster and went to raw press. You can buy loats of different natural and healthy types of food. I bought a smoothie and some energy balls created by deliciouslyella.She is a blogger and I love her food recipes!!! 

Afterwards we visited notting hill. I love that part of London!! All those sweet shops and caf├ęs, it's so nice.

That's the notting hill bookshop inspired by the one from the movie notting hill. I'm a HUGE fan of it!!! I bought the newest shopaholic book! I haven't started it yet but it seems very promising.

In the evening we went to an Italian restaurant.

It was delicious!!! But I can't remember the name of the restaurant ...


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