30 Oct 2014

The traveler III

Here comes part 3:
On my second day in London I went jogging in the morning in Hyde park!!! It's really nice to have that huge spot of nature in the middle of a city like London! You can even go horse riding there!!!

Afterwards we walked around in the city of Westminster and went to raw press. You can buy loats of different natural and healthy types of food. I bought a smoothie and some energy balls created by deliciouslyella.She is a blogger and I love her food recipes!!! 

Afterwards we visited notting hill. I love that part of London!! All those sweet shops and caf├ęs, it's so nice.

That's the notting hill bookshop inspired by the one from the movie notting hill. I'm a HUGE fan of it!!! I bought the newest shopaholic book! I haven't started it yet but it seems very promising.

In the evening we went to an Italian restaurant.

It was delicious!!! But I can't remember the name of the restaurant ...


27 Oct 2014

The traveler II

As promised:
Part 2 of day I from my travel series

We spent the afternoon walking through soho and Regent street. 

This picture is in front of the national galery, we. Didn't go inside though because there was a huge queue to enter the exposition we wanted to see.

In the evening we watched the phantom of the opera! Which I loved! I've been a fan of this musical quite a long time now and was so surprised of how great it was performed!! The boat, the cemetery( which is my favorite scene) and the chandelier, everything was great. Unfortunately you were not allowed to take pictures so I'm not able to share anything of it with you...

This was my outfit in the evening.
Day II will follow soon! 

I hope you all had a great start to your week! 

25 Oct 2014

The traveler part I

These last two weeks have been amazing! 
First I went to Norway to visit my family and to celebrate my grand parents golden wedding anniversary. It was so fun to spend time with my Norwegian family again. I unfortunately didn't get to make that many pictures in Norway 

My Cousin and me made this cake for our grandparents! 
After one week in Norway I flew to London with my parents! 
I love London so much and hope that I'll visit it a lot more in the future. 
I took many many photos in London but I don't want to overload you with photos today!!! So I'm going to be posting them bit by bit in the following days! I hope you enjoy it!
Day I

We arrived very early, and went directly to the British museum after dropping our luggage at the hotel. I had already been there before so we didn't see EVERYTHING which I think is impossible to do in one day. 

I will post part 2 of day I tomorrow ;) promise!!! Wish you all a relaxed and nice Sunday.

10 Oct 2014


FINALLY!!! My first exams are over and I'm so glad about having two free weeks now!!!!First stop is Norway. And then LONDON!!! I'm so exited and I'm sure there's going to be a lot of blogging material afterwards! 

This was last weekend on the eat and style food fair. There was really a lot of different and amazing food! 

I'm sorry for the bad quality... But I bought this salt & caramel popcorn at the fair. It was DELICIOUS
I hope you all have a nice weekend