6 Sep 2014

Regular kinda day

Hey everyone!
I haven't really done anything this week so I was really exited when I bought my ticket for the color run here in hamburg on Sunday!!!! 
So my plan for tomorrow is : 
1. Wake up early
2.go jogging
3.pick up my color run package

This was my outfit yesterday. The shirt and the skort/shorts/skirt are from Zara and my boots are from Bronx.
You see that the summer decided to come back for a few more days this year which really makes me happy!!! 
As I told you I haven't been doing that much lately because of school and that sort of stuff... 
What I always do when I study/do my homework... I make myself a cup of tea something to nibble and I put my favourite music on. I know it's not good to study with music on but sometimes it even helps... 

My favorite songs at the moment are:
1. Boom Clap - Charli XCX
2. Crazy something normal - Donkeyboy
3. Perdedor - Enrique Iglesias
4. Rude - Magic
5. Wicked wonderland - Martin Tungevaag

What do you like to do while studying ? 
And what's your favorite music?
Please tell me in the comments what you would like me to post on my upcoming post!!! Maybe I'll do a shoutout ;)
Have a nice day

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