24 Aug 2014

Home Sweet home

Now that I'm back home I'm coming back into my routines... I've started school again, went shopping yesterday and ordered something I'm going to show you when it arrives 🙉 I'm really exited!!!
Today I stayed home!

Lately I've turned into a green smoothie fan:) I love them!!! They're healthy and. Taste good if you mix the right ingredients! This one is made of 
• 1 cup of spinach
• 1 orange
• 1 Mango
• half a cup pineapple
• 1 banana
• chia seeds
• amaranth
• noni juice 
I know loats of people dislike this green smoothie thing, but as long as you don't stop eating and lead a a healthy diet, there's nothing wrong with them!

 Afterwards I went jogging :) quite a healthy day right? :)

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