10 Mar 2018

The It Boots you should be wearing now

If you're a fashion gal and love to stay updated on the latest fashion trends, you have most certainly noticed a specific pair of boots pop up on your social media feed.
I'm talking about white ankle boots!
If you like me can't get enough of Camille Charriere or Pernille Teisbaek, you must have spotted these treats for your feet at least a 1000 times this season on their Instagram... 
But as cool as they look on all those Insta pictures, we ask ourselves, how to master this look on a day-to-day basis?
I have the answer to your prayers, for it is quite easy to master this to die for trend!

22 Jan 2018

A 4 Step guide on how to wear Kick Flares

Even though the weather might not be collaborating with us just yet, we are dying to show off our ankles and kick start the new season with some kick flares!
First of all let me introduce this (new) favourite of mine, the cropped (or kick) flare is a modernised version of the 70's favourite flare jeans, which as the name can already tell you is a bit cropped.
How to wear these fashion forward beauties you might ask...?
Well, let me tell you it's very easy and can be learned in only 4 steps:

14 Jan 2018

Trendforecast 2018 || Here's what all fashion girls will be wearing

Chances are that you've already been trying to gather some ideas and inspiration for what will be en vogue in 2018...
To ensure we’re all ahead of the trends this year, I've made a little list of the main things you're ought to look out for these next few months:

13 Jan 2018


It's been a while now my dear MBT dwellers, since I last found a little spare time to gander around on these sites...

27 Nov 2017

DOT DOT DOT | Queen B would be proud

This just in. 
Tights (and maybe Tiaras as well) have returned,
without Miss B having it yet discerned...
So what would the queen herself do
just in case you want to pull off this trend too?

30 Oct 2017

Guess who's Back | RED

It's been a while now since I last posted, I hope you're all well and surviving without your weekly dose of MBT... :)
I've been quite busy the last few weeks with University which is why I haven't been able to update as much as I would have wanted to! But now that my first exams and my first Period is over I'm all yours again! 
As you might have noticed, it has started to get rather cold outside (it's Halloween tomorrow?!?), but due to my lack of time I have dozens of Outfits waiting to be posted, so I'm sorry if this rather "summery" outfit sends your daydreaming mind to somewhere far, far away with temperatures way higher than here...
But next to all this summer talk, you might already have guessed todays topic: 

22 Sep 2017

A Check(ed) List on how to wear this seasons Go-To Pattern

Ever since last Spring when we got to see all the up and coming trends of this years autumn/ winter, I was having a small bet with myself, that checked-pattern was to become a huge thing! Now that Autumn has sneaked its way into our lives, I can absolutely rectify my statement: