21 May 2017

DO or DON'T: Matching Accessories to your Outfit

Every day when it's time to get dressed and start handling that packed (or not so much packed) lift of things to do, I look down at my outfit and think of which shoes, jacket, hat ... to wear. Then my inner me starts reflecting upon wether or not to go for matching colours of outfit & accessories?

15 May 2017


On some days our inner fashion guru really does show off on its best side and lets us create the coolest combinations and styles ever. But then there is always the question of accessorising... is it necessary? is it too much? or too little? Well there is one item you can always count on, that will get you out of this dilemma:

11 May 2017

Picnic Blanket turned über Trend | Gingham

Gingham here Vichy there... if you haven't heard someone talking about this or at least seen it on one of your Insta-Feed-Stalking Sessions, then you've really been living under a rock!

6 May 2017

Street Style Stalker | How to wear Jumpsuits

The Jumpsuit is surely the epitome of effortless styling, I mean how much easier can it get than putting on ONE SINGLE item, grab a pair of shoes, eventually a bag and that's it! Everyone who's anyone has been working one lately, while dressing it up with

2 May 2017

Spring Is Here And So Is Your New Go-To Trend

After our very much deserved bank holiday, we're now striving to think of how to create new stylings with our old clothes without wearing the same ensemble over and over again... well let me tell you this little styling secret basically anyone can add to their daily #ootd's without buying anything new, while even looking as fashion forward as it gets!!

29 Apr 2017

Jeans & T-Shirt never looked better

I have started to loose track of how many Jeans I actually own, but show me one and I'll have a story/ memory to tell about it! Which makes it even funnier, that I didn't own one single Levi's Jeans (OMG, she's got a Blog but no Levi's Jeans?!?!), shocking,

24 Apr 2017

When in Amsterdam || Vintage Shopping

Amsterdam...need I say more? It's such a beautiful city...if you've been following me on social media you might have gotten a glimpse of my short get-away to the Netherlands. The intention was actually to visit a university (in Rotterdam) but on the way back home, we thought we might as well make a quick stop in Amsterdam, which we did (for about 3 hours) and it was totally worth it! So what do you do, in one of the most famous and visited cities IN THE WORLD, when you only have three freaking hours?!?