20 Jul 2017

Alien Sunnies & Wrap Dresses

You might recall that Gucci released a variation of short videos this spring, showing Aliens and other extraterrestrial creatures wearing their "out of the world clothes". And if there is one thing we've learned in the past few seasons it's that if someone has the power of starting a new Trend it must be Gucci (think of the recently hyped Gucci-Shirt or the Gucci Loafer....need I say more?).

17 Jul 2017

How to obtain a Hollywood worthy Smile | CHARWHITE AD

We've all been at the point, when during one of those (much too) long drugstore hangs, we finally walk towards the long awaited toothpaste alley (which we actually came came for in the first place) and then stumble upon a selection of teeth whitening options. And quelle variety! There are millions and millions of ways and methods to whiten your teeth, but I have never dared to buy one. Dared to? Yes, if you think about the fact that chemicals or laser-like substances are supposed to whiten your teeth, it is pretty scary...

10 Jul 2017

How to master Scandinavian Minimalism | #Scandisummer

There's one thing that connects most women on this planet and that is the full dedication on following/ excelling at French-Girl-Style. Wether you are total fan of this or rather feel like this is absolument passé (except if you're actually French), like every new Season, it's time to move on and find a new spring of fashion-inspiration! 
And this, my dear friends is one region that I'm particularly happy about being "on Trend" right now, as it's one of my homes and it's a style, I've been into for so long. The attentive reader might already have guessed it, the new region you should be looking for inspiration is: Scandinavia.

27 Jun 2017

The most EXTRA Top you could possibly Wear

Just think of being in posession of the one thing that could give your daily Boomerang that extra Extra, hailing a Taxi would just get so much more exciting and recieve an extra touch of drama. And don't even let me get started how extremely breathtaking it will look every time you sing something...

20 Jun 2017

Your old Sweatshirt definitely deserves a Second Chance

It is a truth universally acknowledged that hoodies are a strong remainder of schlubby, snooze button-stay at home kinda days... well if we take a closer look at the most recent fashion shows we'll quickly notice that cozy apparel has become cool and has therefore been given the sophisticated name

12 Jun 2017

Wrap it up please | The Crossover Blouse

If your fashion pals have been dropping the word "wrap" in their latest conversations and that only left you wondering, if they were showing off their nutritional knowledge about the latest Superfood, then let me tell you, they have definitely not been referring to a new culinary experience, but much more talking about something COMPLETELY different: the Crossover Wrap Blouse!

9 Jun 2017

Airport Outfits | Fly in Style

What should I wear?!?! Yes, this is one of the most asked questions on a daily basis ... but what about when you're about to take a plane?