21 Aug 2017

LIFE UPDATE: Moving Out & University | VS Outfit Inspo

One year ago, I was mentally preparing to kick start my gap year with my friends in Bordeaux, flash forward and I am sitting in my Room in Maastricht ready to begin my Introduction week...

14 Aug 2017

This is what you should wear if you hate shorts | Cartagena

Some people prefer ketchup on top of their fries, other on the side, some people wake up and start their day after one alarm, while others need one every five minutes to actually make it out of bed. There are two types of people in everything, so evidently there are some decisions (fashion wise) that have to be made, like do you love or hate shorts?

10 Aug 2017

6 Facts you need to Know about Mules

As Coco Chanel once said "A Woman with good Shoes is never ugly"and she couldn't have been more right! We all know that by adding a pair of dashing shoes your otherwise innocuous Outfit can be turned from Cinderella to the unknown Beauty with the Glass Slippers. So that's why I'm introducing you to MULES, which are officially this Summers coolest-must-wear Shoes!

28 Jul 2017

I Can't Stop Wearing these Pants (And Neither Should You)

It’s a meaningful stamp of approval (and sign of well-spent money) when you can't stop wearing that one item that you recently bought. I have just that feeling with these Leather Kick Flares I bought -not so recently- at a Vintage Shop in Rotterdam (full story here). 

25 Jul 2017

Gingham-ing all Year Round

As much as we would love for summer to last forever, it unfortunately will come to an end sooner rather than later... but before we start falling into a heartbreaking Summertime Sadness, there is one thing we can already start looking forward to, and that is Fall Fashion! I also have some very good news for all of the hopeless-summer-lovers out there, because there is one of our very favourite Summer Trends that can easily be transitioned to colder days.
So don't pack away your summer clothes just yet !

20 Jul 2017

Alien Sunnies & Wrap Dresses

You might recall that Gucci released a variation of short videos this spring, showing Aliens and other extraterrestrial creatures wearing their "out of the world clothes". And if there is one thing we've learned in the past few seasons it's that if someone has the power of starting a new Trend it must be Gucci (think of the recently hyped Gucci-Shirt or the Gucci Loafer....need I say more?).

17 Jul 2017

How to obtain a Hollywood worthy Smile | CHARWHITE AD

We've all been at the point, when during one of those (much too) long drugstore hangs, we finally walk towards the long awaited toothpaste alley (which we actually came came for in the first place) and then stumble upon a selection of teeth whitening options. And quelle variety! There are millions and millions of ways and methods to whiten your teeth, but I have never dared to buy one. Dared to? Yes, if you think about the fact that chemicals or laser-like substances are supposed to whiten your teeth, it is pretty scary...